The 2012 Singularity Summit in Melbourne was another great success! The main theme of the conference was AI, and it being Alan Turing Year in 2012 the conference was also themed accordingly.

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The conference was held in Melbourne (at RMIT, Kaleide Theatre) on Aug 18-19 2012.

For more information on the speakers see the Speakers page!

Note that many of the presenters names and talk/panel titles are hyperlinked to more information! Also there are video links to the talks as well

Saturday 18th Aug

Session 1

9.30amRegistration, Welcome, Meet and Greet and Introduction
10.00Presentation: James Bourne“The machinery of the visual brain: plasticity and regeneration” [VIDEO]
11.00Presentation: David DoweTuring Machines and Recursive Turing Tests [VIDEO]
12.30Presentation: Mark PesceMid-Singular [VIDEO]
1.30Break: Lunch / Networking
2.30Presentation: StelarcAugmented Arm [VIDEO]
3.30Panel: Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality – Possibilities for Navigating Mixed Reality in the Next Billion Seconds
Panelists: Stelarc, Mark Pesce, James NT [VIDEO]

Session 2

5.00Presentation: Marcus Hutter“Universal AI” [VIDEO]
6.00Presentation: Randal Koene“Substrate Independent Minds” [VIDEO]
7.15Panel: Alan Turing – Visionary and Genuis
Panelists: David Dowe, Marcus Hutter, James Harland
Intro: Craig Pearce [VIDEO]
8.30Dinner Time!

Sunday 19th Aug

Session 3

9:45amWelcome to 2nd day – Bright & Early – Off to a Quick Start
10.00Presentation: Meredith DoigTechnology in Society: Global Scenarios from the past, looking to the future [VIDEO]
11.00Presentation: Andrew DunZombie Rights [VIDEO]
12.00Break – Coffee / Tea
12.30Presentation: Colin Hales“Twenty Years of the Science of Consciousness: Lessons from a nascent science” [VIDEO]
1.30Break: Lunch
2.30Panel: Intelligence, Substrates and Computation – Possibilities for the Future Panelists: Colin Hales, Marcus Hutter, Randal Koene [VIDEO]

Session 4

3.30Presentation: Vic Ciesielski“Evolutionary Art” [VIDEO]
4.30Break – Coffee / Tea
5.00Presentation: Marcus Hutter“Can Intelligence Explode?” [VIDEO]
6.00Presentation: Randal Koene“Extending Life and Staying Healthy is Not Enough” [VIDEO]
7.00Break – Coffee / Tea
7.15Panel: Technoshock! The Promise and the Peril in a World Radically Changing through Technology
Panelists: Marcus Hutter, Randal Koene, Meredith Doig – Chaired by Age Science Writer Peter Spinks [VIDEO]
8.30Dinner Time!

(Note: Meals/Drinks not included in registration fee)



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