Universal Artificial Intelligence

On August 23, 2012, in Abstract, News, Summit, Video, by Adam Ford

The approaches to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the last century may be labelled as (a) trying to understand and copy (human) nature, (b) being based on heuristic considerations, (c) being formal but from the outset (provably) limited, (d) being (mere) frameworks that leave crucial aspects unspecified. This decade has spawned the first theory of AI, which (e) is principled, formal, complete, and general. This theory, called Universal AI, is about ultimate super-intelligence. It can serve as a gold standard for General AI, and implicitly proposes a formal definition of machine intelligence. After a brief review of the various approaches to (general) AI, I will give an introduction to Universal AI, concentrating on the philosophical, mathematical, and computational
aspects behind it. I will also discuss various implications and future challenges.

Video of Lecture “Universal Artificial Intelligence”:

Slides (pdf): http://www.hutter1.net/publ/suai4lay.pdf
Slides (PowerPoint): http://www.hutter1.net/publ/suai4lay.pps

Paper: M. Hutter, One Decade of Universal Artificial Intelligence,
Theoretical Foundations of Artificial General Intelligence (2012) pages 67-88

Video: [Stay tuned or haunt Adam Ford if you can’t wait]

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