Randall Koene “System Identification in Neural Circuitry”

Seminar: Wednesday 15 August 2-3pm Clayton Seminar Room – Monash University Clayton
How to get there: Room 135 Building 26 (near the centre of the campus). The campus can be reached by a combination of train and bus, or directly by bus, from most parts of Melbourne. Also, 3-hour, 1 and 1/2-hour and all-day parking is available. Detailed information, including a campus map with designated parking areas and building numbers, is available from: http://monash.edu/study/campuses/clayton.html

Every aspect of modern science relies upon creating representations of things. And when we do, we pick the signals that interest us and the behavior that interests us. From that, we determine how to interpret the way input is converted into output in a system. Our description of that process is our understanding of the system. The same is true for mental processes and reverse engineering their implementation in neural circuitry.
The feasible approach to this is called (whole) brain emulation and relies on determining precisely which signals we care about and then breaking the problem down into a collection of smaller system identification problems. To tackle those, we have a roadmap that includes structural scanning (connectomics) as well as new tools for functional recording – some of which are now in development in collaboration with laboratories at MIT and Harvard. We examine the scale of the endeavor, considering such specific approaches to system identification in neural circuitry.

Randall Koene earned his Ph.D. in Computational Neuroscience at the Department of Psychology at McGill University, and his M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Information Theory at Delft University of Technology. He is a former Professor at the Center for Memory and Brain of Boston University, and is co-founder of the Neural Engineering Corporation of Massachusetts.
Randal Koene established the MindUploading.org website and first proposed the term and specific approach called whole brain emulation, the purpose of which is the technological accomplishment of mind transfer to a different substrate.

Youtube promo of Randal Koene, and his coming to the Singularity Summit (and related activities).


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